T4 Uni-Pharma Levothyroxine Sodium 100 mg (Cytomel) Greece


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T4 Uni-Pharma Levothyroxine Sodium 100 mg (Cytomel)

The thyroid hormone, Levothyroxine T4 is a tyrosine-based hormone which is produced by the thyroid gland. Synthetic versions of this hormone are used to make up for a lack of naturally produced thyroxine and increase the rate of metabolism. Artificially made thyroid hormone improves the symptoms of hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) and speeds the rate of metabolism in those who suffer from the disease.


T4 Uni-Pharma Levothyroxine Sodium 100 mg (Cytomel)


T4 (Levothyroxine Sodium)
Thryroid preparation.

Tablets: 12 mcg/tab, 25 mcg/tab, 50 mcg/tab, 62 mcg/tab, 75 mcg/tab, 88 mcg/tab, 100 mcg/tab, 112 mcg/tab, 125 mcg/tab, 137 mcg/tab, 150 mcg/tab, 175 mcg/tab, 200 mcg/tab

This item is a synthetic form of the hormone known as liothyronine sodium. The product has been widely available in this form for a very long time now as the hormones used to be taken advantage of in medical practices.

One of the biggest reasons as to why doctors would decide to use something like T4 from uni-pharma on their patients would be to treat issues surrounding the thyroid. A lot of the time, you’ll be able to find T4 under the more commonly known name of Synthroid.

However, athletes also adore this product due to the simple fact that it has been found to enhance their performance. If you’re someone looking to enter a competitive bodybuilding show, you’re going to find the best levothyroxine price right here on this site. The ability for your body to burn fat will be kicked up a few notches which will make all the difference once you’re on stage. This item can be used in combination with your diet and training to get you shredded in no time.

Once you take this item, the metabolic rate within you is vastly increased which enables you to burn through the fat faster. Sometimes, bodybuilders struggle to lose fat due to their thyroid not operating properly – This is where something like T4 can really come in handy, especially when you’re deep into the contest prep.

T4 Cytomel Cycle Options

When you buy T4 cytomel online, you’re going to want to know how to get the most out of your cycle beforehand. When it comes to bodybuilders looking to get down to those single-digit body fat percentages, the doses vary slightly compared to when the item is used in a medical environment.

To begin with, you would only need to be taking a dosage of 25 mcg once a day. This is to let the hormone get into the system without being too much of a shock. The amount of time that you should be cycling with this item can be anywhere between 6 and 12 weeks. After a couple of weeks have passed by of using 25 mcg every day, you can up your dose by 25 mcg. By this stage, the levothyroxine by uni-pharma will be active in the bloodstream, and you should only experience the positive fat loss responses and minimise the negative ones.

For the majority of users, they will not need to go any higher than doses of 75-100 mcg per day. Some bodybuilders like to go upwards of this onto 125 or 150 mcg but if you do this, it should only be for a very short duration of time. Bodybuilders will usually do these higher doses in the last 2-3 weeks before their show date, but after this high quantity, you need to come off the drug slowly. It’s advised that you take between 7-10 days to bring your doses down to 25 mcg a day before stopping the cycle completely.

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Side Effects

For the most part, this item is considered to be a performance enhancer that is relatively safe for most adults to be using. Especially for bodybuilders since the steroids that many of them use come with some very negative responses. But when you buy levothyroxine online, you should be aware of the potential risks that could be induced on your health.

Some of the potential unwanted reactions that you may experience include the following:

Menstrual cycle problems for women.


Heart palpitations.



Congestive heart failure.


So, these are the main things that could impact your health in a negative way when taking levothyroxine 200 mgr. However, these responses are much more likely to occur if you’ve been abusing the product and taking doses that are way too high.

One of the other main negative symptoms that could be induced upon you is hypothyroidism. When you use this product, the thyroid is impacted to boost the metabolism, but if you use it for too long, your body could begin to depend on it for fat loss. Once you stop the cycle, the body may not produce enough of the hormone naturally again.

Although, with the T4 Cytomel by Uni-Pharma, this is something that’s very unlikely unless you’ve been abusing the drug or you come of off it too abruptly. If you use it appropriately, you should be able to complete your cycle with minimal adverse reactions.

Buy T4 Cytomel

If you’re wondering “where can you buy levothyroxine?” here is one of the most renowned companies to sell this item on the internet. For the most part, it’s pretty easy to get your hands on this item, however, the price that it’s available for right here is one of the most affordable that you’ll be able to find on the internet.

When you order levothyroxine online for the first time, you’re likely to stumble upon numerous websites that claim to sell the real deal. However, once you receive your item, it’s likely that it has been diluted down or in some cases, you may receive a completely fake product altogether! A lot of the time, these companies get their items from the black market where they’ve been manufactured in underground labs which don’t comply with any rules or regulations.

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